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Leader: Elder Patricia Brown  Email:
Telephone: (315) 337-0674                                                 We, THE PASTOR’S AIDE MINISTRY of the Mount Calvary Baptist Church of Rome, New York is to assist the pastor in the ministry of fulfilling his clergical duties.

Section II The purpose of this Ministry is to help bring about a spirit of fellowship, harmony, and cooperation among the members of the church, through actions of love, by their prayers, blessings, spiritual and financial support for the pastor and his family.

Our Goals: The pastor’s aide ministry is committed to:
o Providing necessary support to the pastor and his family within the church with encouraging words, prayers, and other actions of love. o Extending hospitality to visiting ministers, their families, and guests. o Hosting activities for the Pastor and the First Lady during special days and occasions. o Assisting the Pastor in fulfilling his goals for the church and community.

Reserved for and inclusive of all members of the Mount Calvary Baptist Church and shall include:
Section I Members of the church in harmony with the objectives of the church and THE PASTOR’S AIDE MINISTRY.
Section II Any person(s) who is active and in good standing with the church are considered to be a member of THE PASTOR’S AIDE MINISTRY.

Section I The officers of this organization shall be:
o President o Vice President o General Recording Secretary o Corresponding Secretary o Treasurer o Financial Secretary o Chaplain

1. A pastor’s aide job description states the mission and purpose of the church and its ministry and clarifies the commitment to Christian service required of the pastor’s aide.
2. The pastor’s aide must demonstrate a Christian attitude in leadership and commitment to serve as a role model for the congregation. A pastor’s aide member should be humble, cooperative, responsible and have a strong foundation in scripture.
Personal Assistant
3. The pastor’s aide will assist the pastor with personal responsibilities such as maintaining his robes and overseeing the needs of the pastor’s family. The aide will help in the fulfillment of the pastor’s responsibilities in his absence in matters that pertain to visitation of the sick, hospital visits, and prayers. Celebrate the Pastor’s Service 4. This ministry is established to serve the needs of its pastor and family. Monthly, bi-monthly, or quarterly meetings are to be scheduled and held consistently.


The group hosts activities for the pastor and first lady during special days and occasions such as birthdays, anniversaries, Thanksgiving, Christmas, Pastor’s Appreciation Day, annual conference, and the attached list entitled EVENTS/CELEBRATIONS and exhibit ‘A’. Also, they are to work very closely with the Pastor’s Anniversary Committee and assist where needed. The Pastor’s Aide will from time to time serve a dual role as the Pastor’s Anniversary Committee.


They will often organize fellowship dinners in honor and appreciation of the pastor’s service. Committee members may host events at their homes, the church, or other locations. Often, the committee will plan gifts for birthdays, holidays, and other occasions, and will raise funds by collecting donations from church members.